From the Chair

It’s been a challenging year for all RDNs and NDTRs – almost a year and a half! We all miss our collegial connections with each other and to food and culinary pursuits from farm to table. Who knew we would all become so adept at video teleconferencing?

While I don’t know all your success stories during the COVID-19 pandemic, what I have learned over the past year (plus!) shows that our membership approaches culinary, food, nutrition, and dietetic issues from the strongest of evidence-based science; is creative beyond belief; resilient in our varied practice settings; and empathetic and extremely generous with the communities and clients we serve.

This year we will continue to deliver a wide-variety of member benefits – news and updates via social media; subgroups that cover the food system from agriculture to supermarkets and restaurants; webinars throughout the year; virtual workshop (2022); recipe contests; international culinary experience; and more! Did you know that FCP membership provides access to over 25 CPEUs? If you love food, check out our offerings and consider joining FCP if you aren’t already a member.

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Robert (Bob) Earl, MPH, RDN, FAND
2021-2022 FCP Chair