FCP Core Competencies


What are the Food & Culinary Professional's core competencies?

These are a list of recommended skills, methods, techniques and core knowledge for food and nutrition professionals. These competencies were originally developed as a recommendation to dietetic education programs for ways to include more food and culinary knowledge into existing programs.

Note:  The core competencies were reviewed and updated by the FCP Executive Committee in December 2015.

You'll find the updated competencies here.

How can these competencies be used?

Scan through the list and identify areas where you would like to sharpen your culinary skills and knowledge. Let this be a platform to create new goals in your professional portfolio. The FCP board will use these competencies to develop programs and plan for the future.

How can you help?

If you see areas of food and culinary knowledge that are missing, please let us know. This document is meant to be a "living" work that will be modified and updated yearly.